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SUDERSHAN CHAKRA JYOTISH Know Your Future Calculations Beyond Thoughts Experience the MAGIC God always helps you. There is Nature ( KUDRAT ) which listens to you and your problems . Just communicate your issue to Nature it will reach to solution point . You will get solution for your problems / issues...

Mr. Bakya Vinod Tiwari

source link I completely trust the science behind “Sudershan Chakra Jyotish (Unique in Universe)”. My faith leads to the nearly cent percent accuracy in the predictions of Shri Santbetra Ashoka Ji. I was going through a tough phase in year 2013, when i got in touch with him. After seeking astro consultation from Shri Santbetra Ashoka Ji my life has become very easy to manage. I thank him for all support and guidance.

Mrs Ruchi Rathor Everyone who knows me knows that I love astrology and use it in my life. I’ve found Santbetra Ashok’s readings especially uplifting. He’s been there with inspirational advice through all of my ups and downs. I rely on his guidance to help me get through some of my hardest times.He is so positive and he always opens my eyes to my many wonderful options and the fact that I have much to be grateful for.”

Mr. Rajender Dichpally

Sudershan Chakra Jyotish ( Unique In Universe) By Santbetra Ashoka is spreading in USA by word of Mouth. Though I got My Scj-Chart Predictions on line , I am fully satisfied by Santbetra Ashoka* Consultation/Motivation & predictions for future.

Mr.Prem Jolly (PREMIA WINES)

I was thinking about establishing a new business and was really not sure what to do.Later I consulted the guruji and he suggested to go for alcohol related business.And yes i started Premia Wines and its going good so far.

Mr. Shyam Jaju ( National Vice President BJP)

I met Shri Santbetra Ashokaji in the year 2013 at BJP’s office New Delhi,after a brief introduction he predicted the future in Indian Politics and who will be the ruling party.

Dev Ganesh ( Data Scientist, Texture California)

Ashokji did SCJ reading for my entire family. All his predictions for my sister regarding her future husband and other aspects of life have come true. His predictions for me and my parents were also helpful. For example, Ashokji suggested we do Mrityunjaya homa, which helped with my father’s ilness. Ashokji also prescribed precious gems for us. After wearing them, we are seeing improvement in our lives. For example, my father’s disability pension was approved 11 days after applying which has historically not happened.

Anurag Mr. Pratap Singh ( Director, Bizzbuster Ltd.)

The reading felt invigorating and overwhelming. Most things that were discussed rang very true for me and as someone who is always working towards listening to and following my intuition, it was good reinforcement that I am on the right path and also gave me insight into what I can do moving forward. The reading seemed to give me permission for certain things that have happened in my life and helped me understand some of my insecurities and personal challenges. I felt calmer because I had “explanations” for many things. Getting the reading made it clear to me that there are deeper forces at work in our lives that are not controllable. Instead, they are there to be understood and worked with. Santbetra Ashok’s reading was so rich with information, I know it will serve as a valuable resource for years to come..

Madhuri Mandava ( Senior Director , Oracle California , USA)

Santbetra Ashok ji is one amazing sudarshan chakra astrology reader and my experience with him is truly something to speak a lot about. His readings are genuine and have tremendous clarity and give a good direction to life’s problems that can be solved much better. He also proposes the solutions like gemstones that are suitable for your particular issues and knows wholesalers who can give great deals on these stones compared to the commercial retail stores. He is very professional and goes above and beyond what is expected of him in taking care of his clients. I had nadi readings in the past and they are no where near accurate as sudarshan readings about the future. Most importantly Ashok ji is one genuine astrolger who has never shown an ounce of greed and always there to help when you need him. I sincerely request that anyone reading this testimonial try the sudarshan chakra reading with him and I guarantee u will feel great satisfaction with his outstanding work.


I have known Santbetra Ashoka for last 14 years. We were Colleagues in HUL Delhi branch. When I started Yepme , we built a large community on our Facebook Page. We ran a daily color chart based on your sun sign that would help a person in his/her love life. It was hugely popular . He has a way to connect with masses. I speak and meet him more as a colleague who has helped us find Shubh Mahurats for starting new ventures and gives you the confidence that you are starting at auspicious time with blessings of Almighty.