Адыгея купить кокаин, мефедрон и бошки Born, On July 30, 1957 in Dehradun –Uttaranchal, Father Late Swami Gareeb Nath ji Maharaj / Mother Shrimati Sheela Devi ; education Bsc Profession Scj Astro-Consultant have been worked as CEO, Head sales, VP & sales Officer in National /MNCs Organizations. I am passionately working on Sudershan Chakra Jyotish since last 30 years & had gone through more than 29000 horoscopes & 1000 Scj Charts. My grandfather Swami Rama Nand ji Maharaj was a great spiritual luminary perhaps the best known saint of nineteenth century India. Santbetra Swami Ramanand Ji Transferred all his psychic powers to late Swami Shiv Sharan ji & Late Yogiswar Swami Gareeb Nath ji Maharaj in great trans. Late Yogiswar Swami Gareeb Nath ji Transferred his all psychics power & blessed with the knowledge of Sudershan chakra Jyotish to me ( Santbetra Ashoka) & advised m e to transfer the same to my next generation. Santbetra Ashoka's family migrated in1998 to Ghaziabad (NCR) UP from Dehradun.

14 Chakras

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THE KNOWLEDGE OF 14 CHAKRAS & COMPARATIVE STUDY OF NINE PLANETS IN I68 HOUSES IS UNIQUE IN UNIVERSE Bhrigu Samhita/ Lal Kitab/ Vedic Astrology/ Western Astrology/ Numerology/ Kabbalah Numbers/ Vastu Shastra are the integral part of Sudershan Chakra Jyotish.

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Sudershan chakra Jyotish is a hidden knowledge. There is no scripture available on it. There is only 19 pages literature available in the world on this subject. So far only three orbits description is available on Sudershan chakra jyotish where as there are 14 orbits in it. THE KNOWLEDGE OF 14 CHAKRAS & COMPARATIVE STUDY OF NINE PLANETS IN 168 HOUSES IS UNIQUE IN UNIVERSE.


यूपी के CM अखिलेश यादव को 6 साल का 'वनवास' ही दिलायेगा 'सिंहासन' संतबेतरा अशोक की भविष्यवाणी यूपी में सियासत का पारा गर्म है। नाम मुलायम लेकिन फैसला सख्त है।...

Mr.Modi PM Again For 2019

PM MODI WILL AGAIN CROWNED AS PRIME MINISTER IN 2019 LOKSABHA - YouTubeIn the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Modi crowned again !, JDU can be a part of NDA, BJP will Cross 299+, सुदर्शन चक्र ज्योतिषाचार्य संतबेतरा अशोक ने की 2019 लोक


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